First Morning of Residency Second Semester

So, I’m back in Vermont. I have the morning and a bit of the afternoon to do a few things before classes begin. This is a bit different from last time when I had about a day and a half of orientation before we had the opening lecture. I’m enjoying the “settling in.”

For some reason, it took me over an hour to get myself unpacked. I had to figure out the logistics of my new room (even though it is a replica of the old one I stayed in!) Perhaps it was all of my summer clothes that I took with me…and how have I accumulated so many toiletries!  But, I digress.

The room is currently cool with the two fans going. Apparently, it tends to get pretty warm in the rooms without air conditioning, so, we stuck one in the window. Made for a cool night’s sleep, but an early morning rise.

It was so wonderful to open up the door of the second floor and see all of my VCFA friends lounging around on the couches in the kitchen. Some had dyed their hair since I last saw them, others just looked a little tired from their long journey; but it was like no time had gone by. Like I just saw them yesterday, but yesterday was winter and they were in long sleeves and today is summer and they were wearing shorts and a t-shirts.

I was told that was how it worked at residency, now I can see that is so.

We are doing some live blogging at resident at Through the Tollbooth, so if you are interested in some of the things that are happening, check it out. I will be blogging this week about Alan Cumyn talking about his new book, Tilt. I just finished it and it is probably one of my favourite fiction YA novels that I’ve read this year. It is sure to be nominated for something.

Must run and get myself ready…we are also allowed to tweet while we are here and so if you aren’t following me on Twitter yet, you can do that too.


About Melanie J. Fishbane

My novel, MAUD: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery was published in 2017 through Penguin Random House on April 25, 2017. I hold an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Here I talk about my writing process, things I love, and creative people who inspire me.
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